Kele Ballthe newest and fashionable of fitness leisure sport eventsimplehealthy and happy

        Kele Ballwhich is a small football connected with a long ribboncould be kicked with pulling the ribbon under the control of your handsnever fly awaynever need to pick up the ball. You can paly the ball while enjoy the musicit makes you like dancing in the rhythm of music.

        The structure of Kele Ball is simplea small football connects with a long ribbonthe ribbon is forked in the middle with a soft ring at each of the two ends. You could hold the ring with your finger while kicking the ball. It is easy to kick while pulling the ribbon without the need to pick up the ball. It is good for exercisenot only for individuals but also for performance of group people.

The Kele Ball has three characteristics:

Kele Ball’s activities range is very wideit makes possible for you to do the playing ball such as in office and at homeno matter rain or wind blow outside. It is a breakthough for the ball games exercise in a narrow space entering into home room.

Kele Ball is good for a wide range of peopleold and youngmen and womeneven the blind.  It is not only good gift and Sports equipment for parents and friendsand also good toys for children.

The movement of playing Kele Ball is like dancing. You can kick any action as you likeplay relaxedcontrol easilyno need to pick up ballshow out your creative pattern in the music. It is unique and innovative because of combining sports with dance.


Kele Ball clever saying

You stay at home

with the ball in your hands

playing in dancing

enjoy in your heart

The thigh of human body is easy to aging

playing ball is really good for health

This ball you can play at home

the action of you just like dancing


        More than 50 motions of playing Kele Ball has been developed. You could do kicking lightly as you walk in the garden. You could do kicking relaxed as you dance. You could do kicking intensely as you jump and run. Everybody could feel happy from playing Kele Ball whether you are good at kicking or notAs long as you do the playing Kele Ballit will be good to you.


         Kele ball has strong vitalitywhich attracts large number of fansis more and more popularmore and more people come to play Kele ballenjoying health and happiness


         The Kele Ball is invented by Mr.Gao Xigeng of ChinaChinese Invention Patentthe patent number is ZL200310101945.4. Made from Zhejiang Nanxiu Sporting Goods Factory of ChinaThe only patent production.

Good qualityabundant inventory, can be delivered from Beijing and HangzhouWelcome new and old customers, come to talk about business or region agent cooperation!  Thank you

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